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We are not like one of those cheesy magicians that you might have seen at other events.

We love magic. We love what we do. That’s why we are the best.

We perform regularly at many locations in Malaysia. Whether it’s for your uncles and aunts, kids, or friends or even the CEO of a company, we have the right magicians to suit your event.

Featured Magicians

Our talents of magicians.

The Mesmerizing GDR

Mr GDR (Green Del Rio) specializes in Street Magic. That means magic happens right in front of you, and sometimes right inside your own hands! Also called as the Master of Misdirection, Mr GDR is one of the funniest and most talented entertainer in the art. Mr GDR can mix and mingle with your guests at your party at all times.

The Magic of Siti

The Magic of Siti presents the beautiful and elegant magic of Siti. She has been regarded as one of the best talent to ever grace the art. Her magic is strangely mystifying, able to catch the attention of all types of people. Her most requested magic act is the Vanishing and Appearing Birds, which makes the birds.. well.. disappear. Right before your very eyes.


Faisal Oscar

Fun and entertaining magic has always been the goal of Faisal Oscar. Faisal Oscar will adapt to any type of event, as he is very multi talented magician. Though kids magic is his genre, he can perform mystical and dark magic sometimes just to entertain adults.


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